Nike previously launched the classic Nike Air Max 97 with Halloween color matching. This time it brings a new color version again, continuing its typical contour configuration. The complementary colors of purple and yellow are very similar to the colors of "ACG Terras". Covered by black mesh fabric, supplemented by the same tone of leather and ropes, the shoe body is equipped with purple and orange suede for stacking, while using red embroidered Swoosh eye-catching logo embellishment, infused with black midsole and deep red Air sole , Use color distribution to add more fun to sports shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2, which became a smash hit in the middle of this year due to its collaboration with Stüssy, released a new color scheme after a long silence. The brand-new Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 set as "Sesame/Oatmeal" is designed with light brown color as the main axis, and is composed of a variety of different materials, including smooth leather, suede, perforated leather mesh fabric, etc., and different materials are also They also correspond to their respective brown tones. You may wish to scroll to the gallery above to view the detailed pictures of the new Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 color scheme "Sesame/Oatmeal".

About the sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle 2021 spring co-branded shoes, one of the colors "Sesame/Blue Void-White" has been exposed yesterday for everyone's second close-up photo album, this time through the intelligence account repgod888 for everyone to take pictures Edit. The sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle 2021 spring joint shoes are relatively bright and lively compared to the "Red/White/Blue" and "Black/White" that are on sale this week, Newly Jordans with hemp gradations running through suede, leather and nylon. The upper continues sacai's representative mixed-blood deconstruction style, and the Double layered aesthetics is injected into the blue and white two-color laces, Swoosh and tongue and other details. Through the interpretation of the upper foot, the performance of the double Swoosh can be seen particularly eye-catching. In addition, The heel lip design is also prominent (purple orange color matching click here to preview)