There are plenty of different car fresheners 3volution that come in a variety of scents the Yankee candle car freshener brand. A car freshener is an accessory that is used to eliminate bad odor for cars. It can also help you create an atmosphere in the vehicle.

Continuous action

The time when air freshener was only used when there was a bad smell in the home has passed, now there are also continuous solutions, which offer a uniform perfume permanently. The smell of home.


They work with an electrical resistance that heats the perfume and causes it to evaporate. They are very versatile, as they allow you to change fragrances to vary according to taste or season. The electricity consumption they generate is minimal and they provide a longer life than other air fresheners.


They work with batteries that mechanically dose the air freshener in more or less short sprays. The interval between dosages can be adjusted from the diffuser unit.


Also known as mikado, they include bamboo sticks that are partially immersed in the perfume. They are the most decorative product and provide a subtle and permanent aroma until they are exhausted. Both the intensity and duration of the mikados vary according to the number of wands, the larger the diffusion area, the greater the intensity of the perfume, but the shorter the duration of the perfume. When the intensity of the aroma decreases, it is recommended to turn the wands and place them on the opposite side from the one they were on.

nstant action

Instant solutions work on an ad hoc basis and are often used to mask odours.


There are aerosols with and without water (the difference is the wet residue they leave in the environment). Always spray away from food, people or pets. In addition, it is recommended not to spray directly on the furniture so as not to damage its finish.

Scented candles

They generate a fragrance by combustion in addition to creating a different atmosphere. The duration depends on the degree of humidity and the temperature where the candle is consumed. It is necessary to watch them and not to leave the candle lit if you leave the room.

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