New Jordan 2020 Although not the theme color of OG's first year, it has been very popular in recent years, and it has repeatedly brought a popular product that is hard to find. The iconic orange vision is the core of the "slam dunk". While it is highly street-recognizable, it also has a familiar OG feel, which balances classics and fashion, so it is quite popular among the trendy people.
Air Jordan 1 Tokyo Bio Hack, it was rumored that there will be new products with broken color matching at the beginning of next year. Although there is no physical release, a set of spy photos just released may allow us to experience the new style of these shoes in advance. The shoe body uses the original "black toe" structure to show people, and the heel is supplemented by bright orange instead of traditional red, conveying the essence of the slam dunk theme.
However, 2020 Cheap Jordans, it is really very similar to the "black toe" that is currently unattainable in the market. However, the official has not yet confirmed the authenticity of the picture. If it becomes true, I am afraid it will be another male and female popular leader in the future. There are definitely not a few friends who want to start!