In the New Jordan 2020, I believe that many people will struggle with the color matching of shoes, while entangled with the popular color of the New Year, or want to have some Chinese-style CNY color matching. However, it is still too early in January. There is no answer to the fashion color, and the CNY is temporarily gone. But let's not dare to try and make mistakes. Black and white color matching is an excellent answer to wear. Recently, there are new black and white products of various grades on sale, and the purchase is over. First of all, let's start with the expensive ones. It is a good way to use the money saved for a year to indulge once. The AMBUSH x Dunk High joint name has been officially launched recently. This Asian brand has quickly accumulated a high popularity worldwide in the past two years. It has successively launched a variety of shoe cooperation with Nike, and by the end of the year, it has cooperated with Dunk, which is the most powerful this year. It is also reasonable.
Retro Jordan 2021,The color scheme adopts black and white colors that compound the theme of this article. AMBUSH is still in the stage of expanding the market. Therefore, this black and white attempt can be said to be careful but not error-free, while meeting the needs of the Asian, European and American markets. The design is not bold. The deconstructed elements are presented in the Swoosh and heel position. The big Swoosh is quite eye-catching. The heel is specially raised and the ankle joint is separated, which is also quite street-like. This year is considered to be a more representative joint style, and it will not collide with the general Dunk shoes. At the same time, there is a pair of similar Dunk joint names, which can be said to have the same effect. A collaboration between Milan sneaker shop Slam Jam and Nike. One of them also uses a black and white design, smooth leather and suede stitching is very natural, Swoosh uses a double-layer jelly rubber material full of trend. In the details, there is a line of perforations at the bottom of the upper, and the outsole uses the same jelly rubber material to echo the Swoosh. The interesting thing is that the design behind it is almost the same as that of Ambush. Be bold enough to say that these two different joint names are not a pair of basic shoe models. The designer can be said to be effortless. But this is also one of the common features of the annual hot money, no need to make a fuss.
Cheap Jordans UK,The second is a black and white shoe of comparable grade, but it is even more famous, which is commonly known as the Big Air, Nike Air More Uptempo. As the first pair of full-length Zoom air-cushioned sneakers in Nike history, its foot feel will not be out of date at all today, still soft. This pair of shoes has been reproduced frequently in recent years, which has made it less popular and the price is no longer so high. This pair became popular at the 1996 Barcelona Olympic Games, and the shoes that were once considered Pippen’s signature shoes because of Pippen’s feet are still one of the iconic shoes on Nike. The upper feet of Quan Zhilong and other stars make these shoes look star-studded now. In terms of price, the average price of this pair of shoes is already at a historical low point, and friends who like it should not miss it.
2020 Cheap Jordans,We usually look at some fancy color matching when we choose shoes, hoping to wear out personality and characteristics, but in the end when it is difficult to choose, we find that the black and white design is the most classic. What's more, many of the major heavy shoes this year are all in black and white. The latest models and re-engraved classics are available. Not only are versatile but also the design is good enough. This time the recommendation is full of all gears. You can Feel free to choose.