After the great success of the Air Force, Latest Jordans News launched a new unstructured AF1 silhouette. The Nike Air Force 1 Low Pixel Grey Gold Chain is composed of satin, leather and corduroy inlays in different shades of white and light gray. Like a gem, a golden necklace and a Swoosh pendant sublimate the couple. The design is based on a decomposed air with some pixels forming unique details. After one version, another Jordan brand's flagship model. After experiencing the colorful version of this summer, it is time to repeat it calmly and make a successful comeback! Air Jordan 1 Mid White Shadow uses a smooth leather base, black and white mosaic design, to create a neutral design. The grey ankle and the T-shaped Swoosh logo make people surprised, while the contrasting brand elements on the label and T-shaped wings make the whole look more perfect.
After the great success of dunking, LowNike continued this momentum with its high version and provided us with a brand new iteration. We have been looking forward to it for a long time! Nike Dunk High Football Grey is equipped with a beige leather base with a few light blue leather padding. We found the tongue of the classic brand "Nike". The swoosh logo on the side contrasts with the white. The two-tone sole is matched with a cream-colored sole to effectively enhance the matching. Tracking With the great success of the dunk movement in 2020, Nike has returned to the beginning of the year and launched a new Sail Coastal color, which will complete the January series together with the color matching. UNLV or black and white. The white Nike Dunk Low Sail Coast is decorated with colorful leather uppers, white chipped, and leather inlaid with blue transparency. The yellow design on the tongue and heel is reminiscent of elegant contrast. The color of the midsole and outsole is coordinated with the color of the upper, so that the entire sole is sublimated.
The Flying Man brand launched a new version of its flagship model in a very effective way, the three-color Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Racer blue and white with shiny nylon upper. The alternating white inserts on the sides and toe cap contrast with the black parts of the rest of the upper, while the blue Swoosh logo brings a touch of color. A white wing logo and the yellow flying man on the label complete the pairing. The flying man brand envisions a new version of the flagship model with a candy pink iteration accent. The black light pink upper is decorated with smooth leather. The white yokes on the sides and the toe cap and the black parts of the rest of the upper alternately appear in contrast. The outsole has a pink Swoosh logo for a touch of color. A white wing logo and a pink trapeze logo are sewn on the tongue to complete the design.