The simple but noble packaging becomes blue and green under the light Parliament Cigarettes, as if to tell you its extraordinary origin, the smoke is pure, not greasy, not rough, not rushing, not choking, just right, spit out in one breath, The lingering fragrance leaves the mouth with a sweet and long aftertaste. Cigarettes are cylindrical cigarettes. Cigarettes only recognize cylinders because cylindrical cigarettes can smell. Cigarettes are soft, the softness of cigarettes makes the mouth comfortable, and the taste of cigarettes is soft and smooth in the mouth. The peculiarities of cigarettes can be refreshing. The heart is the peculiarity of cigarettes. The smell of cigarettes is soothing, inner, and lungs Carton Of Cigarettes. The drawback of cigarettes is the loss of energy, and the drawback of cigarettes is to increase the energy ratio of cigarettes to more energy. The durability of a cigarette is the time that the cigarette can be inhaled, and the taste of the cigarette can be changed in appearance. Cigarettes emit exhaust gas instead of carbon dioxide when they are smoked. The taste of cigarettes is the gas of cigarettes, and the gas of cigarettes can produce the taste of cigarettes. The particulate matter of cigarettes can discharge particulate matter. The appearance of cigarettes can be designed as a cartoon from the visual aesthetics, and the designed image must be mini. The hardness of a cigarette is the hardness of a semi-material, non-material form. The concentration of cigarettes can make the taste buds more realistic. The concentration of a cigarette is the tobacco of a cigarette. The concentration of the cigarette must be made, and the concentration of the cigarette can produce smoke. The chemical reaction of cigarettes is a chemical chain phenomenon. The shape of the cigarette can produce different bends, and the bend is the different shape of the cigarette. The taste of cigarettes can be expressed by the appearance of cigarettes. For example, brown is more choking because brown is the closest to the color of plants, which is the effect of brown. In other words, the pink instinct is to think of the strawberry flavor, which is the best flavor in fruit milk Marlboro Lights. That is, the fragrance of strawberry is sweet and sour. After a long period of research, I came up with a great idea. Now cigarettes are no longer pure tobacco. When they are made, some things are added to the tobacco, such as "fired pearls. " People who used to smoke and now do not smoke may not know that cigarettes have this change. The "burst pearl" is on the position of the cigarette holder. After peeling the cigarette holder off, you will see at a glance that there is a small bead. This bead is " Burst the beads".
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