Bodega, a trendy Boston brand that has cooperated with many New Jordan 2020 sports brands, recently teamed up with Nike to bring two new Dunk High joint names. Following the previous physical exposure, the official pictures of the brown model were released. This joint name uses brown tones of different shades as the main feature, shaped by suede, suede and leather, with high-quality texture and rich layering. In the details, the gem-like tiger pattern Swoosh on the outside of the vamp is very delicate, which makes people shine; the inside is embossed with brown Bodega, which is straight and eye-catching, indicating a special joint identity. In addition, the highlight design is the thick and conspicuous stitches at the upper, side of the shoe and the heel, which echo the material of the shoe itself, bringing a strong sense of fashion. The small pocket hidden inside the tongue makes the eyes shine. This is undoubtedly one of the most creative and sincere Dunk High designs recently. Have you been moved?
The first pair of Nike SB Dunk color matching, while the other Dunk Highs wore "Sail / Birch-Rustic-Multi-Color" makeup. Both are decorated with gemstone Swooshes on the outside, "Bodega" logo printed on the inside, and thick baseball-like stitching is attached to the upper, side, sock lining and heel.
Although it is accompanied by Nike SB Dunk Low PRM Yin Yang the dark brown option is the first thing to be fully revealed, and its tar hue is used throughout the textured suede and rolled leather panels. Each adjacent thick leather strip loops through the entire structure, combining fragmented patchwork designs on the surface. On the front and top of the ankle, light tan is fitted with a toe box for the bottom. The toe box is covered with its usual perforations, while the ankle has a complex and imperfect pattern, which is similar in theme to the toe itself picture of. In addition, the shoelace has a high-grade waxed surface and the tongue has a similar coating. On the other hand, because the middleman chose the sunken "BODEGA" branding, and the outer side uses tortoise-patterned jewelry, the brand adjustment is more complicated.
Jordans 2019 Cheap, Nike Sportswear has been cooperating with Dunk to provide laundry lists for its partners, and the latest entity participating in this event is Bodega, thanks to Dunk High's amazing combination. The cooperation between this cross-strait retailer and Dunk pays special attention to details, retro style and high-quality materials, which seem to be both sports shoes and moccasins. Swooshes made of espresso with a marble shape arrive in the form of jewels. A large number of exposed stitches can be seen on the heel, outside/inside and the top of the ankle collar, which can almost convey the aesthetic beauty. Seam baseball (maybe nodding to their hometown of Boston Red Sox?). The most important thing is that the upper is mainly in the "sail" hue, the upper is decorated with intricate embroidery of the same tone, the suede quarter panel and the retailer's nickname embossed on the inner side wall. Below, this shoe is trimmed with "Birch" colored tread.