Covid-19 Info

Covid-19 World Map

Try our new 100% Free web builder where all the functionality is FREE, we don’t even have a paid option, so you will never be prompted for an upgrade or payment.

Many people have been hit hard with the corona virus pandemic. We will be adding Free resources and tools to help those who have been affected by this.

Lucky you!
You are one of the few to hear about our upcoming contest where the winner will become an actual stakeholder earning real revenue in our company. There will be no flashy banners posted all over to advertise this contest because we want to help someone in need without bragging. For now, feel free to play our ads free games and earn as many points as you can because these points will play a part in the upcoming contest. To save your game scores you will need to register, but don’t worry we won’t spam or sell your email address it’s just for keeping track of your points.

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